Tipp: When Cortana does not appear after update to Developer Preview Build 8.10.14219.341

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Many users were excited to hear that Cortana was heading to a lot of additional markets as an alpha version with the update to Developer Preview Build 8.10.14219.341 on the evening of December 5th. Sadly some of them (including me on my Lumia 930) had to face the disappointment thatdespite a successful update and the correct language and region settings, Cortana declined duty and was not present in the menus. Others reported the same on other Lumias, so it seems more than a specific 930 problem.

I was able to solve this (with some help from the Cortana uservoice folks) and pin it down so several possible reasons:

- Your Windows Phone should be set to the Cortana compatible language and speach settings (in my case "German (Germany)" fpr speech, language, region) before the update starts
- Cortana should not have been activated and configured before (many users set their devices to all US settings to be able to play with Cortana before which leaves configuration files in the system

If one of these two facts applies to your phone, probability is high that Cortana will be shy and not appear. If that is the case, do either of the following after you did a backup of your device:

- Conduct a hard reset (Settings, About, reset your phone)
- reinstall the most current firmware version via the Microsoft Lumia Software Recovery Tool

After that, follow the initial installation steps on your Windows Phone, but do NOT condifure your Microsoft Account/restore any backup. Check if Cortana is there (which should now be the case), then conduct a hard reset again and configure your Microsoft Account and restore your most current backup. Cortana will then remain active and work as intended.

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