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my name is Jochen. I live in Germany and worked for more than 35 years for IBM. Now I am a pensioner who is very much interested in Windows Mobile PDAs.

Several months ago I asked the Norwegian programmer Ronny if he can write a small app for me. I use Outlook heavily and face quite often the situation that I have to shift many appointments and/or tasks from one day to the other. In Outlook and (so far as I know) in all other PIMs (Exchange, Google Calendar etc.) you have to do that manually, which is a tedious task.

With this new Windows Mobile app you can move all appointments and/or all tasks from one or more weeks to another OR from one or more days to another in one go. And you do that in 10 seconds no matter how many days or weeks (or hours) you want to shift. When done, just sync your PDA with your PIM and you are done.

Thus, this app is – to my knowledge – the first and only one worldwide which can shift one contiguous block of PIM-data.

I love this app and I know you will do the same. 

You can find a Step-by-step guide with 2 short videos (which prove that one can do it in 10 seconds) here.


My opinion; the app is worth the price (3.99 USD).

Go and get it on Windows Mobile Marketplace (

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