PDA Pivot Multifunction Mount

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Whoever uses a PDA with an external keyboard has surely encountered the problem: Nice that you can put the display into landscape mode, but how do you manage to keep the PDA in position? Cyberknight have developed a multipurpose stand that holds a PDA, GPS receiver, mobile phone, etc. in many different ways.

PDA Pivot has velcro straps on each side, and there are two attachable velcro straps for the mounted device. People who do not want to "ruin" their iPAQs: I recommend that you use your basic style pack (the "empty" jacket).

The inclination can simply be adjusted by unfastening the two screws in the hinge. You want your device stand upright? Just make the Pivot stand in a 90 degree angle. You need a third hand to hold your brochures? No worries, there´s a paper holding ledge. And, by the way, no need to use a case, just use your Pivot as a belt clip... Unlimited possibilities, most of them described on their Website.

PDA Pivot´s price is just USD 19,95 and it is delivered with a (limited) lifetime guarantee.



USD 19,95 directly


Definitely the most flexible accessory for a mobile device.

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