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For a long time it had been advertized, now it´s finally here. And before the detailled test: It was worth the wait!

LifeView´s FlyJacket is a jacket for the iPAQ 36xx, 37xx und 38xx, that contains (besides a CF-slot and an internal battery) a VGA-output and composite/S-VHS in- and output. As you can see in the picture below, the VGA port is an internal one, while the video in- and outputs are connected though a cable connection.

Included software: IA Style Power Media Suite (Capturing of pictures through the inputs, presentation of PowerPoint presentations). With that software suite you have everything at hand that is necessary for presenting information on a VGA screen or projector/tv set: IA Album, to open pictures of various formats, change their size, do slideshows with voice annotations and various transition effects.

IA Presenter makes MS Powerpoint presentations available on the portable device. A filter is added to the existing filters for Word- and Excel-documents. Each time you drag and drop a PPT onto the mobile device, it is automatically converted to the mobile IAP-format.The derived "mobile" presentation may be put to a TV, projector, VGA monitor in full screen, including various transitions, voice annotations, etc.

IA Screen Mirror mirrors the iPAQ´s screen to a monitor/TV set, which is quite nice to present Pocket PC 2002 to an audience on the one hand, on the other it is vital to present mobile data on the road.

To use the PAL/NTSC inputs, IA Image Capture is included. in a small preview window the signal of the input video source is shown, single frames may be captured (up to a resolution of 720*480 pixels). The example below: My digicam is transferred to the iPAQ, first the screenshot of the tool, below the caprured image.

What really makes the presentation "live" is the inclusion of a laserpointer and infrared remote control. Both paked together into a stylus, which to the front contains and infrared controller with two buttons (with IA presenter and IA album; next/previous picture). If you want to point to something that is displayed, just turn the stylus and you have a laser pointer at hand.

Everybody who uses his iPAQ on the road and has to present data to the public just has to buy the FlyJacket. Sum up the prices of the components, and you´ll see that the price of USD 199,95 is ridiculous:

Actual summed up with the prices of DatAnywhere: the components of the IA Presenter Suite: ca. USD 50,-/CF-Jacket: USD 49,95/Voyager CF VGA-Card 159,95.


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