Krusell Whitney CF Sleeve

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In the beginning they only existed based upon the Vaja-cases: The Whitney CF Sleeves. A simple idea that neutralizes one of the core arguments against the iPAQ: The necessity of a jacket to be able to use CF-cards.

Whitney CF Sleeves integrate the CF-Jacket into a case for the naked iPAQ, the CF-slot is nothing more than a small "bag" on the cases´ back. After Vaja was not able to deliver the numbers of cases needed, Whitney LuBeans´s company decided to start a cooperation with the Swedish case manufacturer Krusell.

At first sight this is nothing but a normal Krusell case in the usual quality, only the little hunchback on the back of the case and the silvery Slot on the bottom (reminding of the Silver Slider) indicate that there´s more to it. The Krusell Whitney CF-Sleeve is able to read and write CF cards of type 2, just because it´s nothing else than a reworked CF-Jacket! Memory cards as well as application cards (such as Symbol´s Wireless Networker) work flawlessly.

The charme of the whole thing is simply that the iPAQ does not lose a bit of it´s beauty, in the same time being able to use the freedom of CF cards. An absolute alternative to SilverSlider and CF Jacket!


USD 99,- directly


Awesome combination of case an CF-jacket!

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