Inooch iPAQ Leather Case

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The ever growing community of case manufacturers is accompanied by a company from Singapore: Inooch offers a case for the naked iPAQ that is (among others) distributed by PDAHaven.

The structure of the case is as usual: syncable, free access to all the relevant plugs, two slots for credit or business cards in the lid, a multifunction case below that. "Unusual" is the lid of the case itself: Normally a little lid goes to the back of the case and is tightened by a button, the Inooch leather case solves this far more elegant: magnets are integrated both in the lid and in the case itself, they prevent the case from opening while keeping the sheer beauty of the case.

The manufacturing quality of this handmade case is high, and the bicolored design makes the case look extravagant and definitely pushs it above the black and brown mass.

In April 2002, the series has been expanded with different color combinations, the ever present belt clip has been added as an accessory. Even cases for the iPAQ 38xx-series are available.


USD 49,95 for the iPAQ 36xx-Case, USD 54,95 for the iPAQ 38xx-Case, add USD 5,- for the belt clip version.

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